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Key Findings

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A summary of the purpose, principal findings, and key topics discussed in the Mental Life report.  

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A reference list of important statistics from the Mental Life report.

Table of Contents

1. Mental Health: A Fiscal and Business Priority 

2. Quiet Revolution in the Sciences of Mental Health

3. Prevention: A Path to the Future

4. The Burden

5. The Resignation of Suicide

6. The Personalities of Violence

7. A Step to Take



Bill Wilkerson LL.D (Hon)

Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus, Mental Health International

An experienced business owner and executive, Bill began fighting for mental health in the workplace in Canada in 1998, and has sustained that effort internationally as Executive Chairman of Mental Health International, Chairman of the Pan-European Business Leadership Forum to Target the Impact of Depression in the Workplace, and General Chairman of the US/Canada Forum on Mental Health and Productivity. He blends his knowledge of business with a studied approach to the scientific and economic issues facing large employers and the working populations of nations due to the rising rates of mental disorders - prominently depression - and economic loss among employees in their prime working years. Wilkerson’s professional career spans business, politics, journalism, broadcasting, the arts, major league sports and government service.

Joseph Ricciuti 

Co-Founder and Chair, Mental Health International

Joseph Ricciuti is the Co-Founder and Chair of Mental Health International, CEO of Eliza Consulting Group, and President and CEO of BIG Benefits and HR Services. 

He has over 35 years of experience including leadership positions at Canada Life and Watson Wyatt. Joseph combines an extensive knowledge of the Canadian benefits and the healthcare industry with a strong client focus and solid business sense. He is considered a leading expert in Canada on health and productivity strategies and brings proven experience with solutions for benefit plans and health and wellness issues to clients. Joseph has been a strong advocate for promoting workplace mental health as a boardroom issue. He co-authored a major research study: ‘A Literature Review and Gap Analysis Report: Mental Health in the Labour Force’ and was also part of the original group of professional leaders whose vision in 2009 led to the 2012 National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Dr. Tom Mikkelsen

President and Scientific Director, Ontario Brain Institute

Tom Mikkelsen, M.D., FRCPC is the President and Scientific Director of the Ontario Brain Institute (2015-present). He received his MD from the University of Calgary and completed clinical training in neurology at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Following this, he did post-doctoral training in tumour and molecular biology at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Montreal and then in La Jolla, California. Since 1992, he has led the brain tumour program at Henry Ford Hospital and was responsible for building the clinical trials program and laboratory of tumour biology. Together with other scientists, he helped assemble the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center, a leader in the understanding of the genetics of brain tumours and in the development of treatments for brain tumours. As Co-Director, he participated in the organization’s development on many levels spanning from face-to-face clinical care to clinical trials and translational and bench research.



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Hear from the Experts

Bill Wilkerson (LL.D. Hon) concludes 25 years of advocacy for mental health in Canada and internationally with the release of the "Mental Life in Canada" Report.

Joseph Ricciuti, presents a call to action — "There is no question. No issue. No concern, more unifying in Canada than the hunger for action to stem this tide of suffering". 

Dr. Tom Mikkelsen and the Ontario Brain Institute, with Mental Health International, together seek to champion strategies to optimize brain health through strong, strategic coordination and collaboration between stakeholders across public and private sectors. 


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