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The Mental Life Report, authored by Bill Wilkerson (LL.D Hon.), is the first of its kind, painting a comprehensive picture of national mental health unified by a clear and resounding call to action. 

The time has come to unify science, business, and government for collective action. 

Based on decades of national and international experience in mental health advocacy, these pages outline the way forward for tangible, life-saving, change. 

Mental Life In Canada 2023.pdf


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Mental Health & Artificial Intelligence 

"Of Two Minds"

One Human, One Not 

Mental Health in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

April 2023, Re-Release (Original Release, June 2019)

This report aims to reach leaders in government, science and business with an alert and recommendation that artificial intelligence (AI) must be managed and managed carefully to prevent it from becoming a major intruder into the mental health and well being of working populations and families.

Of Two Minds.pdf

"Brain Capital 

in the Era of AI"

Feature Release in HR Reporter 

October 2020

Commentary from Bill Wilkerson LL.D (Hon) released in HR Reporter in 2020 about the implications of artificial intelligence for workplace health.

Also available at

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Podcast: The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety talks with Bill Wilkerson LL.D (Hon) about artificial intelligence in the workplace 

September 2019

Mental Health Research

NIMH - The Cuthbert Breakthrough.pdf